Elevated Grounds



This week I was privileged to work closely with an actress named Robin who shared a bit of her background working in the performing arts industry. Afterwards she engaged the cast in an interesting activity, which worked to stimulate our senses. We used various colours to create imagery in our minds. It was interesting to hear how the cast members had different experiences even though we were all doing the same activity. I enjoy when the cast is able to give each other feedback, or make suggestions to help develop each other’s character(s), and mainly because none of the comments are ever made in a threatening or dictatorship way. It’s inspiring to see the talents of my fellow cast members at each rehearsal. I believe that will carry over into each performance; to inspire the listening audience to not only expect change, but to make it happen. We are all here to elevate and to motivate. The only way that can happen is by each one of us working diligently to do our part not only before the scenes when we hear “action!”, but behind the scenes as well.

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