Elevated Grounds
_Today was the day! I was very nervous and lacking sleep because I was up worrying about my voice and also of the seriousness of the situation. We were given the opportunity to speak for the mental health of canadian children in foster care. These were the people who are able to make that change, these are the people who influence the politicians to write the bill for mental health. We had to make them feel and see what its like to live in fear of your mind and fear of lack of knowledge of what happens to you when you turn 18 in foster care. I am 20, and only now am I moving out. I have the skills to take care of myself. I know Canada's system and I have the support system in place to help me. These kids are just into their adult hood. With no one to turn too. No where to live even. How can you turn a blind eye to this? I was fortunate to experience this life changing event and to receive a standing ovation from the whole panel and audience. We had done more than our jobs. I am positive we had implement changes.

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