Elevated Grounds
_Bellville was exhausting!  Despite the energy drain, it was an experience that was unique. This was an opportunity for me to experience something different.  This is precisely why I love the Elevated Grounds experience.  It takes to you a different place, LITERALLY!  It also opens your mind to different perspectives.  I find myself learning something new with each character and performance.  My only regret is that I wish I had the opportunity to engage the youth we performed for on a more personal, interactive level.  I would like to know what they thought of our performance.  Did they identify with anything?  Is there something they think we can improve on?  Was it effective?  Believable?  How rela was I?  Perhaps a 30 minute workshop after our performance or a meet and greet of sorts would have achieved this.  It is possible that there are members of the audience may have had questions or comments but were hesitant to express it in front of their peers during our talk back. 

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