Elevated Grounds
_Our performance at John Polanyi Collegiate Institute allowed us to touch base at home and perform for an audience we are familiar with.  I did notice, though, that when I looked into the audience, I did not see many youth.  In fact, much of the audience was composed of mature adults.  This initially worried me because I feel youth are our target audience.  When it comes to social issues, I think youth are the vehicles for change.  Therefore, it only makes sense, I think, that we aim to reach as many youth as possible through our performances.  This is not to say that a more mature crowd is not welcome; I just wished I had seen more youth in the audience.  When I perform for a youthful audience, there is a sense of accomplishment because I know, on some level, some of those youth got the message.  That said, I do admit that my perspective has changed slightly.  I realized that a mature crowd is more able to vocalize or articulate their thoughts; we are more likely to receive feedback that is instrumental to our ability to effectively review our performances.  I have gotten used to the testimonials we receive after our performances; it is important that, as a cast, we understand that we sometimes share in the moment of an audience member experiencing an emotional release. Such things remind us of why we do what we do. Sure, we may not always get the laughs out of an older crowd that we do from youth, but sometimes it is refreshing to have those few courageous adults come up to us and reflect on our performance.  Truly invaluable.

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