Elevated Grounds
_We started one rehearsal with some improvising exercises. I was late coming in (never a good way to start).  Walking in on the exercise, I had no idea what was going on.  Half the cast was “making” a sand castle and the other half were arguing. After being explained what was taking place, I observed the cast again and sort of figured it out (as best I could).  Eventually the exercise came to a close because it had run its course.  I should be very good at improvising by this point, given my drama background.  However, no matter how many classes you take, improvising will always be a challenging exercise in expression.  Sure one can have a “knack” for improvising; I like to think that I am OK at it.  Still, that does not mean you can ever be complacent or get too confident.   It keeps you grounded while reminding you why performing is so much fun.  The adrenaline rush that comes with improvising is hard to beat.

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