Elevated Grounds
_One of the many things I have learned while being part of Elevated Grounds is acknowledging my audience by adapting the storyline, characters and sometimes even the delivery of my lines to that particular audience.  For example, we found ourselves performing not for teenagers but for people in suits.  This ability to change and respond is important to a successful performance.  Having an overflow of emotions is something we have become used to by this point.  I cherish every compliment and positive gesture that comes my way after a performance. I try to keep myself grounded and modest and not let anything get to my head.  The moment this happens, my performance will suffer.  With every performance, I always walk away feeling that certain aspects of it could have been done differently or better.  Of course, while I am in the moment, I do not think about this.  I am constantly in awe of how my mind and body function before, during, and after a performance. Before a performance, I feel like I am having a minor anxiety attack.  Sweaty palms, a slightly faster pulse, and some good old butterflies greet me before I take the stage.  This works in my favour for this particular play because my character actually suffers from anxiety.  Of course, the anxiety I experience is much more different from my character whose issues are more of a serious nature.  Despite being a performer for years now, I am never calm before the performance.  During the performance, I am in a different place, in a different body, speaking out of a different mind.  After a performance I am relaxed and satisfied (well, most of the time).  Sure, I sometimes cannot wait for a performance to be over with when I am faced with perspiration and butterflies.  But then I remember how I feel during and afterwards.  Performing is a thrill that never gets old.  How wonderful it is that I get to this and help tell the stories of some of the most misunderstood people of our society.  For this I am very grateful to Elevated Grounds.  They gave me the chance to do something meaningful with my passion for acting. 

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