Elevated Grounds
_Elevated Grounds has been preparing for our upcoming legislature performance. We hope to raise awareness about the mental health needs of youth transitioning out of care. I don't have any personal experience in regards to this subject. However, the discussions we've had during rehearsals have given me more insight.

  To accurately depict a character, one must understand their circumstances/ situation. They must also understand what that character is trying to achieve within each dialogue/ monologue. At times I struggle to lose myself within the character. The gestures and tone of voice used illustrate how I would react if placed in that scenario.

  It's crunch time! The performance is just around the corner and it's up to us to leave a lasting impression on our audience. This performance can alter policies and decisions that affect the lives of many youth. It's safe to say we are all feeling the pressure of this responsibility. I believe we can transform that into positive energy to further improve our performance!

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