Elevated Grounds
_The similarities between Waterloo and Ajax or Pickering are very close.  What I mean is that it is an extreme suburban place. We had a nice little meal. I wanted to get to bed as soon as possible so that I could maximize my rest time. I ended up sleeping for about 4 hours maximum. I was really exhausted at the performance, but the show must always go on. I gave it all that I had. I gave it all that I got, so that the audience got the best. I felt good afterwards. I enjoy performing. I dislike traveling, but it has to be done to get the message out there. The message that we deliver is one that is craved, for the young and old alike. It is a message that is needed. And one that touches people in the audience. At this performance we recieved a compliment that many of my cast members were extrememly emotional towards.

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