Elevated Grounds
_Today was the first rehearsal for a foster care seminar that we would be performing at. A draft of the new script was presented to us and some foster care 101. Our mentor or elder leader addressed some of the issues that these foster care kids faced. I was shocked at how under-informed I was about this issue. I had no idea how hard and difficult in was not only to live in foster care but also the fact that when you reach a certain age you had to leave foster and you were forced into the world of adulthood. There is a reason these kids are in foster care and alot of them came with some trauma. The government needs to look after these kids mental health. This really made me reflect on my life. I cant begin to imagine how these kids feel and I was a little mad about the fact that I couldn't help, feeling helpless brought me fear. How do they feel. I hope our presentation would portray this and that Canada can do something about it. Stay elevated!!!

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