Elevated Grounds
_I noticed the comparable difference between Toronto and Bellevillle. I realize that we, Elevated Grounds cast are from a big city comming to a small city or town, I am unsure of what exactly to call it, however it was small. We arrived at the hotel, really late. I just wanted to bathe and go to sleep.I had a bright and early rise in the morning. I woke up extremely fatigued, and tried my best to wake up not only myself, but my voice. I was singing. :o all the practicing that was going on Was going to be be showcased. I was not ready physically, I was ready mentally though. I was going to give it my best, as a performer I will have to "fake the tiredness till I make it. Make it believable. I enjoyed the rest. I enjoyed the Breakfast. When we arrived to the first performance we did an exceptional job! In total we did 5 performances in Belle ville. I think that our last two were the BEST ones. The crowd in Belleville, the youth in Belleville, I have a new honesty and openness towards them. They are experiencing mental health issues. What resonated with me the most from this excursion were the fact that  after one of our performances, the Youth went to their guidance counselors, and voiced to them that they wanted to speak to them. I was in awe that i was able to aid in them realizing that they should not fear speaking up. All you have to do is ask for help. I was extremely happy from hearing that. I like when I contribute something and it helps another person in some way. Those are the moments that I cherish with the work that I do with Elevated Grounds.

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