Elevated Grounds
_After my first run with Elevated Grounds, I left our retreat and performances with a feeling of fullness.  It was refreshing to come back and touch base with my Elevated Grounds family. I wondered if it might be a little challenging beginning to work with this new cast without having any expectations. It is important to keep the mind clear and focused on the task ahead, which is to entertain and educate. After introductions and getting to know each other through a few bonding and expressive group exercises, we started our first run through of the play. It is safe to say that Elevated Grounds is brimming with talent.  It is important to help your new cast mates to understand the play and the other characters. However, this can become repetitive and tiring when you feel you already know everything you need to know about your scenes and your character but have to wait for someone else to reach that level.  I have found, though, that each time, you discover something new about your character.  So while it may become routine, at some point, a light bulb goes off and you realize there is always more learning to be done.

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