Elevated Grounds
_Looking into the future, we have some performances talking to young people.  Through wisdom, strength, and change, I will elevate. So, to recap, we had vocal and acting coaching, that, without a doubt, will improve the performance ten-fold.  As well, we are blessed with two captivating leaders, who are leaders in the community as social workers.  They bring a passion to the scene which is unsurpassed, unexpected, but definitely welcome.  They create the atmosphere that makes doing this work easy and fun.   They do a good job of making it interesting (in its development) enough to keep the people involved well-motivated. This workshop was an eye-opening experience, and at times, difficult to swallow whole, because truth pervades every aspect of it.  All the cast members were able to internalize what was said and turn their perceptions of the characters they were playing on their heads.

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