Elevated Grounds
_It was great to have the retreat.  It was a nice, short pause from reality.  I love the very positive vibe I got from my fellow lodgers.  Their attitude made the entire stay very enjoyable. The exercises and de-briefing we did helped to make us a team.  I think it will contribute to our success as an organization. Going to the beach was not only refreshing and peaceful but also productive.  The camera exercise was a great outlet for our individual creative expression.

The experience of the “blast” we participated in today was what stood out to me.  Everyone had something to showcase, whether it was dance, song, rap or the spoken word. The blast exercise is a great exercise to really bring out our talents and way to encourage sharing amongst the group.  Watching and listening to what all Elevated Grounds is all about and learning about how it started was refreshing. At the end of it, there was a sense of a common goal.  When everyone is working towards the same thing, I think it fosters a sort of bond. The idea of talent representation and creating careers for our artists is a great idea. EG provides insight into the entertainment industry and I feel that EG knows how to handle its artists confidently and securely.  The great thing about EG is that we perform for a different audience every time. EG to me is a lifestyle; it provides those involved with skills to enhance their talents.  Most importantly, it’s a way of life.

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