Elevated Grounds
_The cottage was BEAU-TI-FUL! Our team leaders decided on a very creative activity for us to do which warmed me up a bit. We had to take pictures of things, people, places, that would best describe mental health. I thought this was an awesome activity. I loved how creative we got. I remember seeing someone take a picture of one of our cast member in between two logs, kind of repressed by the logs, trying to get out.  I think this showed the feeling of anguish that you could get when dealing with a mental illness. There was a picture of Diana who in the play seeks sexual pleasure as a way to heal her depression. I liked the concept of this picture. I liked how everyone was touching Diana, and Diana was loving the touching, but everyone was not looking at her they were doing their own thing. Overall, I liked how the picture ranged from showing both the positive sides of mental health, like happiness, abundance, and then went to showing the negatives or the sadder sides of mental health. I also liked how we didn’t butter up the photos, we showed the truth according to us and I think all of us did an amazing job. Then our team leader suggested that we do BLAST. BLAST is where everyone gets to showcase one of their talents to the group. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s talent, and a few surprises.  Afterwards we did some games to get more comfortable with each other. We rehearsed our talk back session that would be done as a team. It was very eye opening for me. Afterwards, I was introduced to an activity called talk behind your back. I was a bit hesitant because of what the name suggested, but the leader informed us that it was not what I was thinking. Basically a person would stand up with their back facing everyone sitting down, from there, one by one; a person would go up and tell them positive things. I fell in love with this activity. I liked the positivity and I like the idea of people being able to be open to one another about how they truly feel. I witnessed some tears, some laughs, but I loved the honesty; the joy that I felt afterwards was insurmountable. I definitely was NOT disappointed that I did this over canoeing. I suggest that they do this not only next year, but at all Elevated Grounds rehearsals. I like the idea of being reminded about the good things that I have to offer.

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