Elevated Grounds
_The Elevated Grounds practice on Monday was very interesting. On this day, we were interviewed by CAMH regarding issues of mental health, mental health and racism and the effects of mental health. It was a new experience for me having to sit infront of a camera and talk on the spot but it was still a great experience. The food we got was great and I enjoyed doing little snippits of our play at the end. Hopefully next time when I experience something like that again, I
will be less nervous and more comfortable when speaking infront of the camera.

On Tuesday's practice, I had a lot of fun. We were getting prepared for our performance downtown on Friday.

I am playing the role of Dirty Diana for that day. We added a new ounce of spice to the end of the play which
I think, made it a LOT better. Hopefully we do well on the upcoming performance and hopefully out artistic talents will send the young people at the show a positive message!!
_My first day rehearsing with Monique was tough because I felt like I didn’t have any clue of what I was doing. I started to feel discouraged because I feel like I was doing everything wrong. Going home that night made my think really hard about the fact of me staying in this organization. I finally came to my senses and realized that I just needed to tap into the character of Melanie and play her part they way I would have been if Melanie’s life was my reality. In the next practice, I was able to pull myself together and I felt more confident in myself to do better, and I achieved my goal of trying something new (acting) and now I’m falling in love with it!
_Monday May 9 2011
CAMH video shoot.
Heyyyyy, i feel like a celebrity, bout video shooot!! aha
Anyways the video shoot was awesome, simple as that!