Elevated Grounds



After receiving notes from our vocal and drama instructors, I feel more confident and comfortable. I enjoy receiving feedback from my mentors and peers because I know it will make me a better artist. Even if I disagree with an opinion, I can always appreciate the observation. The spectators can always see the game better than the players. This is a fact. I try to put these things into practice and not fall prey to mediocrity. Though perfection may never be attained it is still a good goal. I strive to blur the lines between reality and illusion. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that the audience can sense- and will react to- a performance that seems contrived. One can only demand the audience's undivided attention if they deliver a performance that is engaging AND believable. I am learning that subtle connotations can be more effective than exaggeration. Hopefully I am able to utilize these tips in our JVS performance and our other upcoming performances!

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