Elevated Grounds



Our first show was successful for me, not because it went perfectly but because we worked well together given the circumstances: the amount of time we had to practice and familiarize ourselves with the script, the amount of time we had to get to know our fellow cast members, and the energy/response of the audience that we were to present in front of. I was fairly pleased with myself for remembering all my lines and delivery of my roles despite having a case of the nerves initially. But in spite of those challenges, I can see that there is a lot of room for improvement. I believe the more we work together, the more flow our performances will have. This experience also reiterated the fact that you cannot let an audience’s reaction affect the way you perform, especially if it is a negative reaction that you receive. Instead of allowing your character and performance to fade out, you have to almost boost your energy even more and that is not always easy to do. Not relying on the audience for positive feedback and staying in character is vital for the show to run smoothly and I am glad I had this experience, a not so perfect experience, to improve my work and performance for the future.

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