Elevated Grounds



My first impressions of Elevated Grounds were great. From the staff to the senior cast, everyone was genuinely welcoming and warm. To me having a comfortable environment to work in is vital because it allows me to be true to myself and helps me to put forth my best work. The first day of me attending rehearsals was when I first received the script. I was eager to learn what character I would be playing. After we all read through the script it was appointed unto me to be the mother of Jerome and Ms. Robinson, a school teacher. A part from memorizing lines, which for some people is a breeze, another challenge that poses as a threat to any performer is making the character believable and relatable. My plan to solving that challenge is to stay true to the character. Starting by asking my self “if I were this person how would I feel, think, or even what would my body language be like?” Sometimes most of the work of an actor/ actress isn’t in their lines, but in the delivery of the lines or even the unspoken lines. From the way a person walks, stands, or sits a lot of information can be sent out. I’m looking forward to the weeks and months ahead to see the individual growth and corporate growth of the cast. 

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