Elevated Grounds



As performers it is important to believe in what we are doing in order for it to be as affective and believable as possible. Once you are able to fully embody your character it makes all the difference in making it a stellar performance. This week our vocal trainer really worked on teaching us the importance of using our bodies to make our voices louder. In our warm up we focused on expressing several emotions with dialogue, and being sure to use our bodies to put into words what we were feeling. The dialogue we used in our warm up was: “When you sing you raise your eyebrows, project your voice and smile.” Therefore, it was important for us to make sure we clearly expressed ourselves because the dialogue was neutral meaning, it didn’t give any suggestions/ hints as to what emotions to feel. The emotions we worked on this week were: angry, sad, happy, and mixed emotions. Seeing everyone in the cast give their take on each particular emotion was helpful to me. After each person was done we critiqued each other and found that everyone had their own strength and weakness. I found that I was able to gather key elements of everyone’s strengths in order to improve my character. Also, I appreciate our vocal trainer’s honesty. Generally from hearing us vocally she was able to know what level each person is at in order to train us both individually and collectively. Not everyone is at the same level, or has had the same experiences and for that reason it’s important for everyone to work together, learn from each other and listen to each other. 

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