Elevated Grounds



Each week I can see that everyone is trying their hardest to put forth their best work at rehearsals, which only encourages me to continue to do the same. Today I met our vocal trainer for the first time. She shared a bit of her background with us, and reassured us that in the months to come she will help to further tune our talents, which is something I definitely need. I believe there is always room for improvement no matter how good a person may “think” they are. In addition, the vocal coach also shared some vital information with us about the basic knowledge of vocal training. Like how to take care of our voices, breathing techniques and exercises, vocal range, and the difference between full voice and head voice (falsetto). After our vocal warm ups were complete I was beginning to feel more prepared to be a stronger performer in this production. When we started working on the song “Man In the Mirror”, our vocal coach delegated parts for individuals to do in the song. I felt like each part that was assigned was appropriate for that person; it gives each person a chance to shine in their own way. I’m very hopeful to see the improvements that will be made within our cast by the end of this week. If we could do so much in one rehearsal there’s no telling how much we can accomplish by the time we hit the stage for our first performance.

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